Everything that happens up to an hour before the live event.

Pre-production is the first of three chronological
parts in putting together a webinar

Webinar Project

The easiest webinar-making
experience you’ll ever have.


We handle registration and
project management.


We provide the technology and
produce the event.


Everything that happens after
the live event.

What does webinar
pre-production include?

Each of these areas must be tackled for a webinar to succeed.
  • Webinar Marketing
  • Webinar Registration Management
  • Webinar Content Development
  • Webinar Technology
  • Webinar Room Preparation
  • Webinar Rehearsals
  • Webinar Emergency procedures

What webinar pre-production
services does Rally Point
Webinars provide?

Rally Point Webinars carves the pre-production elements into two groups: ones we manage, and ones we can both manage and deliver. The elements Rally Point Webinars can manage are shown below.

Webinar Marketing

The cutoff point between webinar marketing and webinar registration management is the registration page. Every touch point before that belongs to marketing.
  • Rally Point provides guidance on how best to market a webinar. This includes:
    • Sharing best practices for using various webinar marketing tactics
    • Setting expectations on open, click-through, registration, and attendance rates
    • Providing feedback on subject lines, marketing copy, and webinar titles
    • Brainstorming and guidance on how to structure and improve webinar marketing campaigns

Our clients are generally responsible for the design and execution of their webinar marketing.

Webinar Content Development

This involves three distinct steps.

Authoring content
Rally Point Webinars’ client are responsible for authoring their own content. At the most basic level for PowerPoint presentations, this means putting words on slides and pairing each slide with talking points.Other content may be involved, such as pre-recording a software demo. For this, Rally Point webinars provides best practices and software recommendations for capturing high-quality video and audio.

Editing content
Rally Point Webinars and its clients may collaborate in this area. While we are not subject matter experts in a client’s profession, we can comment on the structure, length, clarity, and engagement level of their webinar presentation.

Graphically designing content
We often hear phrases like “make the slides beautiful,” “slide jockey,” and “pretty them up” when it comes to graphic design. This points to an ambiguous, “I know it when I see it” understanding of it.d

To put it plainly, quality graphic design achieves two things:
1. It makes the content easy to understand
2. It creates content that holds the viewers’ attentionAs an added service, Rally Point Webinars will graphically design a webinar presentation. Clients who do not add that service have their in-house design team deliver a polished PowerPoint presentation.

Overall and at a minimum, Rally Point Webinars creates a webinar content development timeline for clients to follow. This ensure that the process is not rushed, and that there is time to refine the presentation as the pressure of a nearing live event focuses everyone’s attention.

The elements which Rally Point Webinars most often
both manages and delivers.

Webinar Registration Management

Rally Point Webinars developed a registration management platform designed specifically for webinars. Each client may use this platform.

The registration platform has a number of features, including:

  • Single sign-on (SSO): Many webinars require a registrant to create a username and password to join, or require a registrant to re-enter their information to join. SSO allows registrants to join the webinar with a single click, all while the registration system silently tracks each registrant’s activity.
  • Customized branding and design: A webinar registration and confirmation page on our platform has the ability to match any webpage on our client’s website. This keeps branding consistent. Further, the registration ULRs themselves are branded to the name of each client.
  • Registration source tracking:Marketers can easily customize the registration link for each marketing tactic. The registration report then shows which registrant came for which link.
  • Real-time reporting: Our clients can access up-to-the-moment registration information at any time.
  • Registrant messaging: Our registration platform can send an unlimited number of emails to registrants. This traditionally includes confirmation emails, reminder emails, as well as post-webinar emails sharing the recording. It may also include rescheduling emails if the event is postponed. Each email can have its appearance, content, and timing customized.

Webinar Technology

Unlike many other webinar companies, Rally Point Webinars is foremost a production company and not a technology company. We therefore can pick and choose the best technology for our clients’ needs.

For the webinar platform, we have chosen Adobe Connect. Gartner has named Adobe Connect a “leader” in webinar technology for eight years in a row.

Webinar Room Preparation

Many webinars platforms have a static appearance. Adobe Connect delivers the wonderful benefit of having a flexible appearance.

The flexibility Adobe Connect provides means a webinar room can have multiple layouts: one as welcome lobby, one as a presentation room, one as a Q&A forum, etc. Each layout can contain images, polls, screen-shares, videos, PowerPoint presentations and more, in any arrangement and size. Further, each Adobe room has a customizable presenter-only area.

Rally Point Webinars sets all of this up. We balance what we know works with the specific needs of each client’s event.

Webinar Rehearsals

Rally Point Webinars schedules and orchestrates one dry run (or two if need be) for each event.The core attendance of each rehearsal includes the client’s lead marketer(s), the presenter(s) and the Rally Point Webinars producer.Each dry run includes:

  • Technical setup instructions: Each presenter receives step-by-step instructions for how to connect to the webinar audio and webinar room. This allows Rally Point Webinarsto test the technical elements and thereby guarantee the webinar’s quality. Some items, such as a wired Internet connect, are arranged well ahead of time.
  • Webinar room orientation: The Rally Point Webinars event producer will walk each person through the key elements of the webinar room and what each person is responsible for.
  • Webinar production timeline: The event producer will also walk everyone through the chronology of how the event will unfold, from the staging period before the webinar to the concluding remarks.
  • Webinar content delivery: The presenters will deliver their presentation in full, while the team clocks the time and listens to give feedback.
  • Webinar feedback: The team discusses what went well, what needs improvement, and what the next steps and deadlines are.



These rehearsals are extremely valuable. They reveal technical issues to troubleshoot, content that needs clarification, communication between presenters that needs smoothing, etc. Without rehearsals, these problems would arise during the live event.

Webinar Emergency Procedures

During a live event, fire alarms can blare, electricity can cut out, servers can fail, phone lines can drop, delivery men can arrive, etc. It is important to have contingency plans and resources in place for each scenario.

Rally Point Webinars walks the client team through the most common emergencies and what will happen in each case. For example, we gather each person’s mobile phone number as a backup way to communicate if the Internet goes down for a presenter. Without that, a presenter may continue presenting unaware that their connection has frozen while the team is helpless to reach them.

Our Webinar Pre-Production Guidance

What does it take to successfully pre-produce a webinar in house?

Practice, practice, practice. Documentation, documentation, documentation. In the end, your in-house resource(s) will learn what works and what doesn’t.
They will also create their own internal processes for how to successfully pre-produce one webinar after another.

How do I get busy executives to follow what works best?

Oftentimes presenters have many competing urgent and important demands tugging at them. The key to winning their full commitment is to recognize these are real responsibilities and not excuses.
Rally Point Webinars has found that it works best to say up front that we value presenters’ time and have reduced their involvement to the critical minimum. We also share the risks of what could happen should they cut short a rehearsal or choose to present from a hotel room with untested Wi-Fi.

How can I best satisfy our sales team or accounts management team with our webinar?

It is true: business developers do not applaud a webinar just because it goes off without a glitch. They want leads. They want sales intelligence. The key to satisfying the sales team is to ask what information they would like collectedby the end of the webinar.

For instance, webinar polls provide one key to pleasing salespeople. Attendees will share information in webinar polls they would not otherwise share because the webinar is a group setting, no one is singled out, and everyone is participating.

In this setting, you can discover whether an attendee plans to move forward on a project immediately, within 1-3 months, within 3-6 months, within a year, etc. Sales intelligence of this precision and caliber allows salespeople to qualify prospects and target the hottest leads. When done right, the people with sales responsibilities are happy and you have maximized the value of you marketing dollars.

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