Everything that happens after the live event.

Webinar recordings and post-production are the third of three
chronological parts in putting together a webinar

Webinar Project

The easiest webinar-making
experience you’ll ever have.


We handle registration and
project management.


We provide the technology and
produce the event.


Everything that happens after
the live event.

What does webinar
post-production include?

Each of these areas must be tackled for a webinar to succeed.
  • Debrief call
  • Live webinar reporting
  • Webinar sales and account management follow-up
  • On-demand webinar recording editing
  • On-demand webinar recording hosting
  • On-demand webinar activity tracking and reporting

What webinar post-production services does Rally Point Webinars provide?

The essential elements of post-production are to provide actionable intelligence to the sales, marketing, and account management team. Rally Point Webinars handles all aspects of the reporting and recording while also setting up the client team to success with follow-up.

Debrief Call

In addition to saying, “Well done,” this call covers what went well, what improvements could be made, and any questions the team has about the live event or what the next steps are.
For Rally Point Webinars itself, we apply this feedback to our process to further tailor it to our client’s needs.

Live Webinar Reporting

This report details each action a registrant took during the entire webinar process: from event marketing, to registration, to live event. This includes which link each person registered through, all registration information, all live webinar activity, such as chats, poll votes, and time attended, as well as what was said in the exit survey. Sometimes this is relayed in a workbook.
Sometimes this is relayed via an integration that links directly into our client’s customer or marketing database.

Webinar Sales and Account Management Follow-Up

Each client has their own process for these activities. The key is to act promptly on the information the webinar gleaned.
Well before the webinar takes place, Rally Point Webinars makes sure the client team to schedules a meeting for the afternoon of or morning after the webinar to review and assign follow-up activities, and to schedule time take those follow-up actions.

The elements which Rally Point Webinars most often
both manages and delivers.

On-Demand Webinar Recording Editing

Rally Point Webinars produces a professionally-packed, higher-quality recording than the static, unedited screen recordings that commonly pass as an on-demand webinars.

Most importantly, we use on-demand webinar software that includes interactive polls. This is huge. This allows on-demand viewers to vote—and be tracked—on the same polls as live webinar attendees. Further, the on-demand software divides the presentation by slide for easy navigation. It also wraps the presentation in an interface the matches the branding of each client.

In addition, Rally Point Webinars’ post-production team goes the extra step of trimming the extraneous live elements, removing any bloopers, and adjusting the audio quality as needed. This leaves our client with a polished recording

On-Demand Webinar Recording Hosting

For most events, Rally Point Webinars converts the live webinar registration into an on-demand registration portal that hosts the recording. All the marketing links still work for latecomers who can now register for the recording. Further, live webinar registrants can easily access the recording by going to the same place where they entered the live event.

Some clients deliberate whether to include the recording elsewhere, such as their YouTube or Vimeo channel. For clients that wish to do so, we provide an MP4 of the edited recording.

Note, Rally Point Webinars provides on-demand hosting for its clients at no extra charge, even when there is no longer an ongoing engagement.Beware of hosting fees from other organizations. They may charge or have hidden costs to host a recording or to host a recording after a certain time period or if certain conditions are not met.

On-Demand Webinar Activity Tracking and Reporting

The on-demand recording can provide as much important information as the live event. This includes registration information, viewership information, question for the presenter, and voting on polls.
Rally Point Webinars captures this information and promptly routes it to the client on an ongoing basis.

Our Webinar Post-Production Guidance

What kind of access should I allow for the webinar recording?

What to do depends on your goals. If maximizing views matters most, make the recording publicly available on your blog, website, YouTube or Vimeo channel, etc. If generating leads matters most, keep the recording behind a registration page.
Some clients have concerns about competitors viewing the recording. In this case, have the potential viewer send an email to request access. An internal staff member can vet the request, then provide access.

Can I charge money for access to the recording?

You can put a webinar recording behind a paywall. This option works for a select few companies. These companies most often include a webinar recording as part of a broader curriculum or package.
They also tend to have a valued brand and sizable following. In most cases, for most organizations, the value of an on-demand webinar is that it furthers the viewer down the sales funnel towards sizable sale.

How do I get quality audio in a recording?

Getting quality audio up front makes the biggest difference. A webinar producer can sound check the audio connection for quality well before the event, then take steps to improve it if need be. Generally speaking, speaker phones and mobile phones have poorer quality. Landlines with headset or handsets, and VoIP connections with a quality headset work best.
Some post-production tricks can improve the audio quality of a recording. Most any audio editing software allows a user to remove background noise, increase, lower, or even the volume, etc. Explore the different option out there.

How do I make the webinar recording interactive?

Most recordings have a play button. That is it. The viewer simply watches a video. Look for software that:
  • Allows users to click to each slide, or to different chapters, or to different speakers.
  • Allows viewers to click on links within the recording to access different resources.
  • Includes interactive polls that allow viewers to vote on the same questions as live attendees.

These steps will increase engagement with the webinar recording.

How do I promote a webinar recording?

Market research continually lists live webinars as a top marketing tactic. They key element here is “live”. Most prospective attendees have busy schedules. They can easily read a white paper or listen to a podcast “later on”. But a live webinar? With a chance to ask questions? That is a one-time appointment busy people show up for.
Recordings do not have that benefit. We’ve found they do well simply being made available as resources or while being promoted within other timely content such as a blog post.

How long is a webinar recording useful?

Relevant content always appeals to people.Once the content no longer applies to your target audience, take it down or risk appearing outdated to your potential clients and customers.

How quickly do I make a webinar recording available?

We typically recommend sending all live webinar registrants—both attendees and non-attendees—access to the recording within a business day or two of the live event. However, an organization can delay the release of the recording as an incentive for people to register or attend the live event.
For instance, the marketing copy could say, “Attend this live event to see our latest research results 30 days before it is released and made available via the webinar recording.” Early access to timely content can draw an unusually large webinar audience.

Should I record our webinar?

Lots of work can go into a webinar. Why have it be a flicker in the night? Recordings capture the content. Always record. You can decide later what to do with the recording, what value it might provide, and whether to keep it private.

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