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Global Services

Standardize Best-Practices Across Divisions, Business Units, and Countries. Benefit from the Results.

We provide a hand-picked team with the skill set to run numerous webinar campaigns across large companies. Specifically, we benefit large organizations by:
  • Creating a standard event process to ensure the highest quality events across every division.
  • Tracking and analyzing metrics across divisions to see which practices work best.
  • Introducing new approaches and rolling them out, company-wide.
  • Implementing a strategic approach to creating content that resonates with audiences and starts sales conversations.
  • Coaching business leaders who deliver webinar presentations on what has worked for other executives.
  • Taking ownership of the overall effectiveness of webinar campaigns and seeking out ways to improve the return on investment.
Companies often task individuals in each division with managing their specific webinar campaigns. We provide a single resource with a strategic approach that can deliver superior results.