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Webinar Implementation

Webinars that Flawlessly Deliver Value to Prospects.

Caring for attendees and running a webinar involves substantial behind-the-scenes work. For each online event, we:
  • Provide branded marketing landing pages and registration form.
  • Deliver registration confirmation e-mail and reminder e-mails.
  • Offer branded online and phone-based customer support.
  • Handle the entire technical aspect of running a webinar.
  • Offer polling, chatting, screen sharing, video feeds, VoIP, and many other webinar features.
  • Record the audio and visual components of the presentation and package for future use.
  • Follow up with satisfaction surveys and webinar resources for attendees.
We provide white-glove treatment to your attendees so that every touch reinforces the superior quality of the online event. We run glitch-free events so that participants can focus on your content and the presenter can focus on presenting.