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Business Development

Promptly Follow Up with Registrants and Prioritize Immediate Opportunities.

Webinars can generate hundreds of leads. To help your salespeople effectively manage each opportunity, we:
  • Set expectations and make sure your sales team has the appropriate amount of time set aside to make calls.
  • Identify which leads deserve immediate attention.
  • Create a webinar workbook that profiles each registrant using information we collect throughout the webinar campaign.
  • Develop a custom follow-up plan that maximizes each opportunity without hitting the point of diminishing returns.
  • Provide additional salespeople who can intelligently follow-up with your webinar leads.
  • Deliver recommendations on how to use your webinar content to nurture leads and support your business development efforts.

Webinars provide value for attendees. Executing the correct business development approach ensures that your company receives the value it expects from its webinar.