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Sell – Sales Strategy

Proper positioning and timing to uncover short-term leads and nurture long-term

Is your sales team left unimpressed when you drop hundreds of webinar leads into their call lists? Do trade shows seem more effective at generating real conversations? Are you contemplating reducing your number of online events because they lack a traceable sales impact?

Webinar follow-up and sales strategy is often misguided and malnourished. Not understanding how and when to follow up with self-identifying leads is a recipe for countless lost opportunities—and even an internal collapse of support for your webinars.

Through careful planning and straightforward execution, the sales effectiveness of webinars can take a 180.

By taking our experience across hundreds upon hundreds of events, Rally Point will review your webinar sales follow up strategy and uncover what’s keeping your events from delivering the pipeline value they should. Based on your specific goals, we’ll also develop follow-up plans that will position your sales team as advisors prospects want to speak with, while helping you uncover short and long-term need.

When we’re done auditing your webinar sales follow up strategy, you’ll be set to generate more successful events. We guarantee it.