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Webinar Consulting - ACES Audit

External expertise to bring your events to the next level.

A Rally Point Webinar Audit can be the difference between not getting the registrations to generate the required ROI and generating more attendees than your team ever expected. [More: Marketing strategy]

It can be the difference between generating content that has attendees dropping off throughout the event and getting prospects coming back, event after event. [More: Content planning]

The audit process can be the difference between having your attendees feeling like they’re being spoken to for an hour and creating a truly immersive, interactive presentation. Or the difference between audio not working and having crystal clear, immersive content. [More: Event execution]

And finally, by having the Rally Point team audit the process, your webinar process can change from generating little activity to identifying opportunity. [More: Sales strategy]

After your Rally Point Webinar ACES Audit your webinars will:

  • Attract significantly more qualified prospects
  • Cultivate prospects, by providing insight that builds trust and relationships
  • Engage prospects, by uncovering valuable business intelligence to identify and score leads
  • Sell by positioning your team as advisors, ready to provide insight and nurture until ready to buy

The ACES audit is guaranteed to improve your webinars to ensure they are long-term, sustainable lead generating and nurturing tactics for your organization.

Bring the Rally Point team in for a precise review of any aspect(s) of your webinars [A/C/E/S] or for the complete audit, ACES.