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Support Sales

Immediate Sales Opportunities Can be Hard to Identify and Require Immediate Action.

One challenge sales teams face with webinars is that they must follow up with hundreds of leads in a very short period of time. If salespeople take too long, leads lose interest in having a conversation or buy services from a competitor. And, if salespeople have to call hundreds of leads without knowing which "hot" ones to call first, they will sour on online events and may miss ripe opportunities.

Rally Point works closely with its clients to support their sales staff. We help with the initial round of follow-up and identify and hand-off webinar prospects that actually requested to speak with a sales team member. This way, your sales team doesn't have to spend days or weeks cold calling to uncover the people who want to talk now.

By combining our approach to webinar-attendee engagement and our ability to supplement existing business development, we help uncover more opportunities, more quickly. Take a look at how we helped one organization here.