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Webinar Needs Served

Are we the right company for you? Find out below.


Our clients run webinars for many reasons. As a client, you could work with us on webinars that:
  • Generate Leads – Attract interest in your services from new, qualified people and companies... learn more.
  • Nurture Leads – Build preference with people and companies that are already interested in your services... learn more.
  • Support Sales – Assist your salespeople in conversations with prospects actively deciding whether to hire your company... learn more.
  • Build Client Relationships – Strengthen your client relationships by offering valuable content and access to experts... learn more.
  • Educate & Train – Provide educational content for your employees, members, paid-seminar attendees, or other exclusive groups... learn more.
Any webinar that is to meet these goals needs someone to plan, execute, and coordinate a number of complicated parts. Our clients come to us for support with:
  • Webinar Marketing: They want a certain type and number of attendees to register for their presentation... learn more.
  • Webinar Content Development: They want to select a topic that appeals to their target audience and deliver a worthwhile presentation... learn more.
  • Webinar Technology Support: They want to select a webinar technology that has the right features and they want experts to handle the technical aspects of running a live, online event... learn more.
  • Webinar Facilitation: They want a seasoned facilitator to manage the non-presentation aspects of the webinar, such as introductions, pacing, polling, and attendee care... learn more.
  • Webinar Business Development: They want to follow up with each attendee to further nurture the relationship, begin a sales conversation, or meet some other objective... learn more.
We serve our clients by understanding their goals for running a webinar, by operating the various parts of a webinar, and by delivering the results each client sets out to achieve.